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Silver lining for today...

My sickness has been so bad that it's been almost like having a stomach flu, so I'll take my happiness wherever I can get it!
One of my doulas came by to drop off a couple of books for me and for me to give her our signed paperwork and payment. My husband and I have an account with money set aside for buying a home but decided to pull from that to pay these majority costs (midwives & doulas) up front so we wouldn't have additional payments/bills to worry about, just whatever comes up along the way. (We have no day-to-day/week-to-week is very tight)
I had talked to them about the financial aspect before we decided to pull out of the house money. So when I tried to pay her in full today, she wouldn't take it all. Then she texted me a while ago to tell me that they had decided to offer me free childbirth classes if I was interested.
And, I have my first appointment with the midwives we decided to hire in a while...I'm actually getting ready to go now. I'm hoping to hear baby's heartbeat and have a few questions answered.
So, that's my happiness for today :-)



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Re: Silver lining for today...

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