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Crying in Sleep

My 9mo has just started crying in her sleep.  She moves around, gets up on her hands and knees like she's going to crawl, and cries out.  We go in to check on her, and find that her eyes are closed and she is still fast asleep during all of this.  Most of the time she settles back down on her own after a few minutes, but if it goes more than 5 minutes or so one of us will go in and rub her back and pat her butt until she's calmed.  Is she dreaming, having nightmares?  Does anyone else have experience with this?  

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  • this happens to us too! im sure its just a phase.

  • My daughter was doing the exact same thing last night.  She would cry for about 10 seconds, then be sound asleep again.  Poor little thing.  I wonder what she was dreaming about that was so scary...
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  • I feel so bad! I hope that this phase passes quickly, it's heartbreaking to think of her suffering through nightmares. She is going through a lot developmentally right now (she cut her first two teeth, started crawling, and started attempting to stand on her own all within a 2-3 week period) so maybe that's part of it.

  • My LO started doing this about that time to. Hate to say it, but he's 11 months tomorrow and still does it almost every night, usually multiple times a night. But it seems like it's completely normal, given how much they change, teething, etc. 
    I'm just thankful he goes back to sleep on his own (or doesn't fully wake up) and that I've gotten used to it so I rarely wake up unless he's crying out for more than a few minutes. 
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  • Yup, DD does the random cries too.  I only go in if it continues for a few minutes.  We have a sound monitor (not video), but I can tell if she's standing up because she always goes to the same corner of the crib (and gets closer to the monitor).  Once she's standing, she rarely will lay herself back down... I'm hoping that we learn how to do that soon.
  • DS went though this too and if my memory is correct it was right around 9 or so too just about every night. Now he rarely does it.

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