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Not sure if I should switch or not....

I am currently 28 weeks pregnant and just started my Bradley classes. I would like to have a natural birth but in a hospital setting. Last night, my instructor said that I am not at a very natural birth friendly practice. Although my ob is natural friendly, she feels that some of the other doctors may not feel that way and they have a high c-section rate. Plus, she said that the hospital I am delivering at will try to take the baby as soon as possible from us unless we have a note from our pediatrician.

I am a little torn because both my husband and I like our ob and I have heard nothing but awesome things about him in labor. But I know the chances of me having him there are very slim. We are planning to have a midwife/doula to help me labor at home as much as possible.

I was pretty confident in our plan until last night and now I am doubting it. My husband thinks we should just roll with it but I am not so sure - and I love to second guess myself. Any suggestions would be appreciated!

Re: Not sure if I should switch or not....

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  • Your situation sounds a lot like mine.  I went to a large practice (8 OB's) and many of them were natural birth friendly but some more so than others.  Our Bradley instructor strongly suggested we change practices. It was something we considered but honestly I did not want to deal with it. I decided to get a doula so that I would have someone by my side who could help my H and I understand any jargon the on call OB may use to scare us.  I also decided to stay home as long as possible that way I was in the hospital a shorter time and they could not push things. I labored at home with my doula for 8ish hours and went to the hospital when I knew it was almost time. I delivered my LO in less than 2 hours. I refused continuous monitoring, a Heplock and labored in the tub. The on call OB was one I never met and he was great. Her read in my chart that I wanted a natural birth and he told us he would do everything he could to make sure we got it. He was very supportive and let me push in any position I wanted. He even used warm compresses and massaged my perineum as LO had a nuchal hand. 
    I think that it depends on the doctors and your situation. Are their other options? Do you feel comfortable sticking up for yourself if you need to? Could you have a doula?
    Do not let your Bradley instructor use fear to make you change. Yes, OBs tend to not be as supportive but their are good ones out there. Make you decision on your situation. GL!

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  • Thanks for all of the input. We have hired a doula that is also a midwife so we are planning on laboring at home for as long as possible. I am comfortable standing up for myself as well as my husband. I figure we will try this out with this baby and see what happens. At the end of the day, as long as our daughter arrives safely, then we are happy.
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