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where would you deliver?

DD was born with a midwife, I had a water birth. Wonderful birth experience, to tearing, no IVs etc. The hospital where I had her (the only one around where I can have a midwife) is about 90 minutes away from where I live. I do have a midwife this time around so if I want to have a similar experience, I can have it but I have that looong drive and I'm in Canada so it's winter (read: possibly stormy, snowy, icey road conditions). What I liked about this birth experience is that I didn't tear and the water really helped with the pain.

Now there is a hospital in the town I live in as well, about 60 seconds away from my house. I could labour at home as long as I want in my bathtub if I want to labout in water, and drive to the hospital when I'm getting closer to the end rather than at the very start (I think the 90 minute drive stalled my labour last time as I had to be induced with the breastpump). DH could go home to sleep and bring DD to see baby without having her on the (potentially) bad roads. The doctors there are on rotation and are a little hit-and-miss which makes me nervous, plus I work with many of them.

So, WWYD? Mentally prepare to make a long drive to have the midwife/water-birth or mentally prepare to labour at home and deliver very close to home not knowing which Dr. you could have for the delivery?

Re: where would you deliver?

  • I would stay closer to home.  While your previous birth sounded like a very positive experience there are too many cons to traveling that far this time around.
  • I would stay closer to home as well.  If you can labor at home until then end, then the hospital shouldn't matter quite so much, though I understand your disappointment about not having a water birth.  
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  • I agree with closer as well. As great as your previous experiance sounds I think the potental for things to go wrong (stall labor, giving birth on the way there,or heaven forbid, going off the road) outweighs the positive possibilities. Labor at home with your midwife then head over when you hit transition. Have you considered a home birth if your MW does them? that may be the way to go if you want another waterbirth.

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  • Do you know someone who lives closer to the hospital? Maybe you can bunk down there as the time approaches if you feel comfortable. Otherwise I think I would look into either a home birth or one at the closer hospital. 90 minutes is a long time especially if you go fast. But you should go with your instincts and whatever makes you feel safe!
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  • Is there an apartment you can rent specifically for birthing or for your family to stay at during? I know where I live in SK the midwives have connections to a few suites that out of town moms can use to stay the week of due date, families can stay there too, and it's possible to homebirth there.
  • I would hang close to home, especially with questionable weather conditions. I was really disappointed to give up my birth center birth for a hospital birth when I had to make the switch at 33 weeks. Honestly though, even though it was my longest labor yet and I ended up in the hospital far longer than I wanted to be my labor and delivery went pretty smooth and I've got no regrets because it was still natural and they really let me be. I think you can still have the birth you want even without delivering in the tub, which I didn't even miss when it came down to it.
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