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Newborn caps/beanies

Any recommendations for where to get newborn sized baby caps? LO is a week old and all the caps we have from target and old navy are too large (they we're sized 0-6mos) it's chilly and I don't want her wearing the ugly hospital cap anymore if I can avoid it :)

Re: Newborn caps/beanies

  • Admittedly, my kids have larger heads but the caps we bought in the past from Walmart are always too small, but might be just right for your LO!
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  • Walmart has newborn. Fits my 11 day old baby's head. And I have ones from target that are newborn too.
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  • With newborns most caps are large-ish. It really depends on the type of fabric the cap is made out of and not so much the size. Out LO is 2 months and the caps still fall off his darn head if they are made of the weird material (typically Gerber caps from Walmart or Target) If you know someone who knits I would suggest having them make a knitted hat because those are the caps I have found that really stay on the head.


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  • Walmart sells newborn hats
  • Zutano hats in the 0-3 month size have fit my LO great since she was born. You can get them on amazon (in really cute colors too!).
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