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1 year old feeding schedule

LO is about to be one in less than a month and I am just curious as to what your LOs feeding schedule was when he/she turned one and switched to WCM. 
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Re: 1 year old feeding schedule

  • Wake Up (usually 7:30ish) - 8 oz. of WCM in a sippy

    8:30 - Breakfast

    10 - Snack

    Between 12 and 1:30 (depending on nap) - Lunch

    3 - Snack

    6 - Supper

    8 - 8 oz. of WCM in a sippy

    She has water during the day in a sippy. She only gets milk when she first wakes up and right before bedtime.
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  • i honestly just feed her on demand. whenever she is hungry, she lets me know by putting her hand to her mouth and going to the fridge haha. although, i do notice she tends to eat every 2-3 hours. 
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  • DS is 12.5m and we are down to 3 nursing sessions a day (I SAH)

    7am wake up - nurse
    8:30am b'fast
    12:30pm lunch
    2pm nurse
    4:30pm snack
    6:30pm dinner
    7:30pm nurse
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