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Therapy, who to talk to?

H and I are separated, living together but separated. He lies to me about everything, it was about trips he went on, drinking,telling me he is working extra shift but he is really not. He just can't tell me the truth about anything, and I'm almost certain he is cheating on me. Yesterday was the last straw for me, he took our DD age 5) to a big holiday circus. It was about an hour and a half away. I had asked if I could go he said he was given two ticket from work. They went, had a good time, came home, and he told me they went out to dinner with the girl I think he is cheating on me with, her BF and his son. I was very angry. Then today when he went to work, DD was telling me how much fun they had at the circus with said girl and BF and kid, and they played at her house too. I was LIVID, not only is he lying to me, but it's now including our daughter. Things got ugly, and he left today and is staying at her house. He says he probably won't be home tomorrow night either. The girls and I are fine, I'm beyond mad but I know I'm the better person and I haven't done anything wrong. My question is, I'm on Wellbutrin for depression, you can guess what triggered it, but it feels like I need more, everyone says I should see a therapist. I'm thinking its time, my depression is getting worse and I feel like I need to talk to someone. What kind of therapist should I look for, marriage/divorce, family, depression? I'm going to call my primary care doctor tomorrow, just curious if anyone has any recommendations. Thanks!
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Re: Therapy, who to talk to?

  • I was going to suggest starting with your PCP.  Sounds like you are better off without this dude.  Hang in there!  I know it doesn't seem like it now but things will get better for you.  
  • I just posted this in another thread... there are organizations that offer free counseling to pregnant women, some of them up until the child is a certain age (the organization that I found gives me free counseling until my DD is 3 or 4 years old). My counselor is great, I don't know if you want to check that out first if you are hard up on funds.
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  • Thanks ladies. I'm beyond ready to be out of this marriage. I found out that out insurance offers free therapy sessions. I talked to someone on the phone and they set me up with someone who they think could help. I have my first session on Wednesday.
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  • Good luck!  it's hard to admit when you need counseling so those that seek it are already stronger than they know! 

    Much love!
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