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A question from a Jan 14 mom for c-section moms

I am looking to taking a direct, 2 hour flight after the baby is born. The trip will be domestic and for about 4-5 days to visit my grandmother and introduce her to the baby. I am not looking at "doing" a whole lot while there. It will just be me and the baby. My H will stay home with my daughter. I was thinking of going about 6-8 weeks postpartum and it will be a C-section.  Around 6-8 weeks, did you feel like you could handle travelling, a flight, etc. Were you recovered enough to do this? Was your postpartum bleeding mostly done (separate from your first period if you got that back)? I can't really remember exact time frames on any of this from DD. Thanks for your input!

Re: A question from a Jan 14 mom for c-section moms

  • I had two CS in a 10.5 month time frame. The first one had complications (my incision reopened and had to be packed for two weeks), second one did not. If you have no complications, I would think you'd feel up to nearly anything by 6-8 weeks. I'm 8 weeks right now and there's nothing I don't do. I was carrying my 20lb DS at 3-4 weeks (without dr approval, but what are you gonna do?!). I didn't personally fly, so run it by your dr, but it wouldn't see why not.
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  • I honestly felt fine by 2 weeks!!
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  • I'm 4 weeks post-op and I'd totally be okay flying.
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    I'm at 7wks after an unplanned cs. In terms of the surgery/pair recovery, I could do it. I still can't lift much (Dr recs no more than 20lbs), but other than that would be fine physically. Pain is gone and I feel fairly well physically. However, managing feeding lo (nursing and pumping) would be daunting. I went on a 1 night trip to visit my family in Portland last weekend (6wk), and it was totally exhausting. Too much lifting (really just the baby in the car seat; the other items were all lightweight), and the stress of travel (driving) left me exhausted, and pp bleeding returned. Finding time to feed lo and pump, especially duting the travel portion was stressful. I don't regret making the trip, but I am not convinced it was a good idea. If your experience healing is similar to mine, i'm sure you'd be fine, but probably not great. It would make a big difference if you could have help through the airport, and if you have door to door translation (no driving, loading, etc.).
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  • At six weeks I think I would have ok to fly, but by weight weeks definitely so. I still had occasional pain but I think that was when I over did it. How long will you have to walk through the airport? If it's going to be far see if you can get a wheelchair or a ride on one of their golf carts. Enjoy your trip!
  • I'd be OK, but I know I'd start gushing blood again at some point. I'd be worried about carrying all that on your own and juggling baby alone. But, people do it all the time. I might schedule closer to 8 weeks than 6, especially if you're planning to nurse to give yourself adequate time to get in a good groove.
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  • I felt fine 6-8 weeks post C section, even though mine was unplanned and it got infected two weeks afterwards (which HURT!!!) anyway, 5 weeks after my c section i was working again and carrying up to 40 pounds. (but..I'm a single mom, so you do what you have to do) I think I'd be fine with flying. You should be good to go at around 6-8 weeks, you'll feel more like your "normal" self. Wising you a happy and healthy rest of your pregnancy. :)
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  • Thanks all for the input! I won't have much help since my grandmother isn't in the best of help. That's why I thought it was best I leave my daughter at home.

    I think for me the only problem would have been carrying things. How are you going to transport baby in a carseat, plus diaper bag, plus luggage? If you have a stroller that you can check, and rolling luggage, you should be fin, provided you have no complications.
    I haven't thought too much about the details yet. The airports are small and regional, so not a major international one I need to get through. I imagine I will do a lot of baby wearing. There are a lot of logistics I need to figure out, but I am glad to see that physically at least, it probably won't be an issue for me. Thanks for the input. I really appreciate it!

  • If you decide to do this, I'd recommend travel insurance or buy a ticket you can change with little to no fees incurred. That way if there are unforeseen complications you can adjust your travel plans accordingly.

    I had no complications flying cross country 7wks after my c/s, but I definitely was wiped after. I had help from my mom so I didn't have to lift anything and I had my son in a Moby the whole time.
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  • At 4 weeks after an unplanned c-section, my doctor cleared me for regular activities. I felt 100% probably by week 3 or so.
  • I am 6 weeks out from my third c/s and could totally do that trip as far as feeling healed from surgery. I'm not in any pain at all and my bleeding stopped weeks ago. My incision feels itchy at times and my abdominal area feels weak but I feel fine aside from sleep deprivation!
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  • Shoot, I felt fine a week after mine. Just take it easy, wear baby & have fun.

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  • As others have said you will probably feel fine unless you have complications.  One other thing to think about is having your LO on a plane when they are that young.  Our pedi suggested not flying with DS this holiday season, because of all people and germs in such a small space on a plane.  DS was born 10/14, so he is 6 weeks today.  Might also want to check with your pedi.
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    I flew 10 weeks after an unplanned c section and was fine but my DH was with me and other family was there to help too. I'd recommend going closer to 8 weeks. As others said, just establishing feeding can take so long. Before DS was born, I thought I'd wear him and breast feed him, so we wouldn't have to take much gear. 5 lactation consultants, finger feeding, and 2 nipple shields later, he still won't latch. He also hates being worn. So we travelled with a stroller, car seat, bottles, water, formula, and a breast pump. I never planned on traveling with all that stuff but it was ok with help.
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  • I will be exactly 2 months pp on Thanksgiving day. We are flying to Portland for the Thanksgiving holiday which is a 2 hour flight from me. I feel I will be fine, I haven't had any pain since 4 weeks pp. My pp bleeding completely stopped at 6 weeks, spotting and all. I haven't gotten a period since but I am bf. You should be, and feel, completely fine as long as you don't have any complications. You should be fine to do whatever you want at 6 weeks + normally.
  • I was back and forth to the nicu all day everyday, the first day out of the hospital from my c-section. I had no choice. Seeing my baby was far too important. I was a little sore, but no big deal. You will be fine.
  • Nw967 said:
    I honestly felt fine by 2 weeks!!

    This....   I had an RCS, and I was fine for the most part after 2 weeks.  Bleeding stopped after 5-6 weeks.  As long as there are no complications, you should be just fine.
  • I stopped bleeding at 6 weeks pp, and felt better around that same time as far as incision pain. I still had my moments but that's when my recovery definitely turned a corner.

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  • I was fine at about 2weeks and back in the gym doing light exercises with doc permission. I stopped bleeding at about 3 weeks. However was still instructed not to lift anything over 20lbs until my 6week check up . I think everyone is different.
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