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My husband and I are looking to get a couple frames/sliding drawers from IKEA to help organize the baby's closet. We don't have a linen closet for the second bathroom, so the bins will hold towels, washcloths, extra blankets, etc. I can't decide whether to get the Anotnius set with solid white plastic bins that I can label, or the Algot set with wire mesh bins. I feel like even if everything is folded neatly, it may look cluttered being able to see through everything...or will it make it easy to see what I have? The plastic bins have optional lids to go with it, so I can always stack them later. They also might be easier to clean. Any experience with either set or something similar? Thanks in advance!!

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  • I would buy the solid ones. I have never liked the metal mesh stuff.  The soild ones are more versatile too, if you end up using them later for something with small parts or pieces.
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  • We have some of the Algot baskets & pull out rails mounted to our laundry room wall to use as a laundry sorting system.  They're OK, but I wouldn't recommend them if you'd be sliding them out frequently, as they come off the rails pretty easily.  The way I use them, I don't slide them out often, and when I do, I'm usually removing the whole basket, so it's NBD for my use.  If you want to use it as more of a drawer though, it might not be the best choice.  

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  • Thanks, ladies!! We're going to take a trip to IKEA to see them in person and decide there. I know baby won't care either way, but at least I'll feel better about having everything organized.  :)
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