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AF has arrived.....

And I don't know how to feel about it. It's been so ling since I have had one and to her have her arrive lets me know my baby girl Olivia is no longer with me. I knew that this time would happen but I guess I ws hoping it would take longer as I am 5 weeks out of loosing my baby girl. Granted the fact she has shown up lets us know in several months when we are ready my body has started to come back. It's just sad how so many things can take us to that place when we think we are getting to a place where we are functioning properly.

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  • Sending many hugs your way!! I'm in the same boat...the moment I start to think I'm moving forward, I see something that reminds me of Parker. I know that he is perfect but it's hard to move forward when everything around me reminds me of him. Praying for you dear
  • Thank you @rwkimmons!! I do know that this is a rainy season for my emotions but I know the sun will shine again it's just getting to that point.

  • @irons633 You're right..the sun will shine again. But it's the time in between that is always the hardest. I know they say that time heals all things, but I hate having to wait because it seems like time is just creeping by
  • Yeah, having my first AF brought a lot of emotions. I had waited about 2 months post-loss  before it appeared...the wait made me worry that something wrong with my body, and when it finally arrived, I was relieved. But I was also very  sad. It reminded of what was no longer there. It's just one of those awful milestones you need to cross.

    Don't be afraid to feel whatever you feel, and always remember that you are wonderful and strong (((Hugs)))
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  • @rwkimmons I know those feelings and like you said it's the time it's the time in between that makes it very hard. I also think if the holidays weren't around the corner it make a it worse because you think of how you should be celebrating with a big belly and preparing for your precious baby. @LifeofCat I was surprised it came this fast as after my first loss it seemed to take at least 8-9 weeks to come back. But like you said w wait for it to come to know out body has healed and back on track but then it makes you sad to know that it's coming after loosing a baby and not after we delivered our precious babies who are home with us.

  • Irons633 praying for you through these hard times.

  • I'm so sorry for another painful reminder. Focus on the positive - your body is getting back to normal, you can start TTCAL soon, and every day is a a step forward. (Hugs))
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