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When to freak out if baby is breech?

At my check up today of 31 weeks, my midwife thinks baby is breech. I know everyone keeps saying its plenty of time, but how much is really plenty of time?

It's frustrating because DH is not all concerned and neither is my mother who are both on my birth team.




Re: When to freak out if baby is breech?

  • I read in Herbal for the Childbearing Year that you should try doing a headstand underwater.

    Good luck :-D
  • I'm expecting DD #2 any day now and she was breech until about 35 you have time for yours to flip around. My sisters third DD was breech up until she went into labor so no worries yet! Spinning babies is great at recommending positions for you to practice.
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  • My LO flipped at 37.5 weeks after Webster technique at the chiropractor. I would HIGHLY recommend going to the chiro if LO is still breech in 4ish weeks. I believe that's when they will start it? You can watch YouTube videos of it if the chiro freaks you's no cracking, just a little massage of your ligaments.

    This was after an unsuccessful, painful version. I don't think I will do that again if I'm in the same boat!
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  • 32-34 weeks I start to get concerned. I really want babies to be vertex by 36 weeks. Go to 
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