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What to do about baby shower?

Hi everyone!

My baby's father told me he was sterile... Well, he isn't. If you'd like the backstory I will more than happily give it to you guys. Anyway, basically the one of the first times we had sex I got pregnant. Since the beginning he has not wanted this child. First only wanted an abortion and now just wants to walk away. We do talk occasionally, but baby discussions always end in arguments.

My question comes to the baby shower. I am having one back home in Atlanta as well as in LA because I have friends on both coasts. His parents live in Atlanta. I don't think he has even told them he has a child on the way. Should I reach out to them and invite them to the baby shower? Is it my place? Should I just act like they don't exist and don't have grandparents rights? I am not swayed one way or the other, just confused and honestly asking.

Re: What to do about baby shower?

  • Unless you know them and know he's told them I'd stay away from that basket of baby snakes.

    Incidentally, who are these guys?!? My BD told me he had a vasectomy. My 2 week old disagrees!

  • @babymama619 sigh. I have no ideA why a man would lie! Mine thought he was sterile bc his last two gf's never got pregnant... Face palm...
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  • I am not on bad terms with my BD, we are civil but he wants the minimal amount to do with the baby and is not "supportive," wanted me to get an ABT, etc.  I did go behind his back and invite his mother to my baby shower, A. because he is my ex-boyfriend and I had already met her a number of times in the past, so I am not a "stranger" to her, and B. because she is the grandmother of the child and I personally think that's a very important relationship to have and nuture.  He had not told her about the pregnancy, but she turned out to be extremely supportive and excited and ended up coming to the shower.  She is someone who will be in my life probably forever, but at least for the next 18 years, so I want to build a good foundation with her.

  • I agree, I would just leave it be and not invite them if they don't know
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