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I am clueless on how to find a midwife. I made my first appointment and the lady said that throughout check ups and appointments that I will see all doctors and midwives. I thought a midwife is someone you build a relationship with and see month after month. That is what I want. I want a natural birth with the freedom of making myself relax in the ways I want to when I am in labor. I don't want to be confined to a bed. I know I am completely new at this but how do I go about picking a midwife

Re: Finding a midwife

  • You search for a midwife just as you would a doctor. Look for recommendations online, word of mouth, in your area, etc. Not all midwifes are the same, but they do tend to provide more one on one support. Good luck!




  • Depending on your state and insurance, you may have some in your network. Try checking through your might be able to see reviews and get in network coverage.
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  • My Midwife's practice is like that, but there are only 2 midwives and 1 doctor. The way it works in their office is I'll meet them all once and then I get to decide who I want to see for the rest of the time until I deliver. My midwife who delivered my son is who I'll choose, but I like the fact that I'll meet everyone in the practice so if for any reason she can't make it to this birth I'll at least know the people who will be all up in my lady business!!!! Lol!
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