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Gift for Doula and Midwife

I would like to get my Doula and my midwife something small after DD is born. I am coming up short on what to get them. Any suggestions? TIA!
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Re: Gift for Doula and Midwife

  • I just gave my doula a gift card.  I figure this way she can get something she wants/needs and I did not have to deal with buying a gift with a newborn.
  • Do they like tea? Maybe some fancy tea and a pretty cup?
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  • I like the tea idea! I might suggest piece of jewelry. Nothing expensive of course, but nothing that will turn your skin green. I would love that as a gift from a client! Every time I'd wear it I'd remember the birth, baby, and mom and dad. Also I love handmade things! Even just a t-shirt with iron on letters saying " best doula ever!" Or "I did it with my midwife!" Something silly/cool like that. Practically speaking, a massage tool or oil would be lovely. That way I could use it on clients or myself!
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