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Smells like sugar cookies

All morning it has smelled like freshly baked sugar cookies in my office, yet I have never eaten a sugar cookie in here and there is certainly no one baking them in the warehouse ... 

It's like sensory overload and now, I JUST WANT A SUGAR COOKIE!!!!

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Re: Smells like sugar cookies

  • You should probably make that happen!
    With dd, I smelled onion EVERYWHERE.  Not as nice as sugar cookies, lol.
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    briannenaudi[Deleted User]
  • Ooh, I craved those cookies last time all pregnancy long. With pink icing, which is crazy. I had to ration myself.
    [Deleted User]briannenaudi
  • i could smell spiced apple cider on the stove in my break room... i even checked to see if someone was making it.. nope :(

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  • I smell gross things everywhere. Never the same thing, and when I ask DH he has no idea what I'm talking about so perhaps it's just in my head. 
    I smell gross things everywhere too!!  Everyone/everything stinks!   :P

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  • I smell onion too! It's like it's haunting me. In fact, I was going to post about an awful experience I had with onion recently. I'm thinking I may never be able to eat it again!
    OMG, I'm so glad that I'm not the only one who smells onion! H thinks I'm nuts!
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  • Yum! All I smell is the boy's bathroom at school. GROSS!!!!!
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