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I haven't commented in a while

Hi everyone!! I have not been on here in a while, since before Halloween. My husband and I had one of the best talks since everything started two weeks before Halloween. He told me he had made a lot of mistakes including the gf which he had moved into our home after throwing me and our boys out. Apparently the birth of our third boy made him see somethings for what they were and going to court made him see things for what they were about to become. The Sunday after this talk he texted me late at night while he was at work and asked me if I could ever forgive him and would the boys and I please come back home. That he loved us and missed us more than he could ever say. I stayed up for two days texting and talking with him on the phone, we met in person and talked. Really talked. He threw her out of the house, and the boys and I moved back in. I am not saying its easy, there are days all the memories of what happened come back at once and they hurt so bad I just want to curl into a ball and die. On those days though he is very understanding and he holds my hand and reminds me that he loves me and that he is here and we are here and nothing is ever going to change that again. It's hard, there are days I get so angry at him still I can't see straight, but I muddle through with therapy and exercise to help put it all in perspective. I am thankful to all of you ladies for your advice and support during my pregnancy, I would not have made it if not for your support. My life is by no means all perfect and put back together, I find days that I just want space from him, but we are making it work. He is sincere and trying which I am thankful for. Love to you all.

Re: I haven't commented in a while

  • I am glad things seem to be working out! I was thinking about you the other day, wondering why we hadn't seen anything from you.  I hope things get better like they seem to be! Don't be a stranger in these parts! :)
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  • I won't be a stranger, today has been a hard one on me. I want space and no one wants to give it to me, even my truck would not cooperate so I could leave just for a while to catch my breath and put the bad thoughts away. He still talks to her sometimes which is weird, bu my thoughts on it are whats he going to do with her now that he has not already done? I don't know it still bothers me that he talks with her at all and I am going to have to either get over it or change something to bring peace to myself over it.
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  • I'm glad for you all and your kids that you ate trying to work things out. However I'd put an end to him communicating with the other woman. That is just not acceptable if he's really trying with you. Maybe bring it up at therapy. Good luck.

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