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I had to take DD to the hospital a few months back for breathing troubles. I received a small bill for $15 and a notice that a $330 claim was still being reviewed by the insurance company. I told BD about the bills and he said they weren't his responsibility since he pays for her insurance. I paid the $15 because I didn't want to argue. I just received a bill for the full $330 and BD insists he doesn't bare any responsibility since he pays CS and insurance ordered through state.
We were never married so there is no divorce decree. We haven't gone to court for any custody orders either. Am I responsible for the full amount of co-pays? Or should I still push the matter?


BEAN *06/29/2012*

Re: Co-payments?

  • I'd think since the policy is in his name he'd be responsible but I'm not sure.  Do you think someone at Friend of the Court could answer this?  Next time have them bill it to him directly.   ;)
  • It will be part of our parenting agreement that ExH carries the insurance for our LO and any medical bills incurred beyond that would be split 50/50, which my lawyer said is the norm, no matter who pays the insurance premiums or CS.  You would have to have it in writing though to push you BD on it.
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