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Hello All,

I am due at the end of January and am starting to research pediatricians on the west side. Does anybody have any favorites or people to stay away from?



Re: Pediatricians on West Side

  • I use a Dr. at the Cleveland Clinic Chestnut Commons Site her name is Radhi Prahabrakarn (sp?), she's very good and listens to what I have to say and my concerns, office is pretty good too. 
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  • I use Dr. Jennifer Carandang in Avon. They have multiple offices and she is wonderful!
  • I have heard of the first doctor, not the second. I will have to see what other locations Dr. Carandang is at.

    Not sure if you would know but do either of them take kindly to alternate vaccination schedules?


  • I go to Radhai Prabhakaran too.  I really really like her.  Don't know about the modified vac stuff... not sure a lot of doctors would be on board unless there was a medical need... 
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  • We take our baby to Philip Fragasi at Metro.  His office is at the West Park location on 150th. Baby is only four months old, but so far we LOVE him.  He always takes time to answer all of our questions and he is just so nice! 
  • If you haven't found anyone yet, I'd recommend Comprehensive Pediatrics on the west side - 2 locations - one in Fairview Park and one in Westlake. All of their doctors are wonderful, but we especially like Dr. McGhee.

  • We use Dr. Kacir in Avon. He shares an office with Carandag.
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  • I'll second Dr. McGhee at Comprehensive Pediatrics. We LOVE her. She's exceptionally supportive, caring, and takes her time with us. We actually like most of the doctors in that practice. I did switch from Dr. Coyne to Dr. McGhee because I felt I needed someone who fully supported breastfeeding (Coyne seemed not to and tried to get us to put our daughter on cereal at 4 months). 
  • Dr. Suzanne connelly in westlake is very good and I believe will do a delayed schedule
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