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Had a big scare over the weekend.

Saturday afternoon, I got home from Target and noticed I felt "wet", I went to the bathroom and my underwear and shorts were covered in blood. Bright red blood. I freaked out of course and yelled for DH without freaking out my kids too much. I put on a pad and immediately called the after hours number for the OB. They told me to lie down and drink water and if it continues to go to the ER, but since I had just had an u/s 2 days prior and my genetic testing came back normal, more than likely everything is ok. So, I did as I was told and the bleeding stopped, just turned to brown spotting. I stayed in bed the rest of the night and took it easy Sunday. Went to see the MFM yesterday for a previously scheduled appointment and everything was fine with the baby and they could not pinpoint a cause for the blood. Of course I'm so relieved everything is ok, but I'm scared that it could happen again. SO scary! 
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Re: Had a big scare over the weekend.

  • oh, that is so scary!! Glad all seems well now and you were able to get checked out by your MFM!! Take it easy :)

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  • Glad that everything turned out ok.  That is terrifying!!!!

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  • Very scary! Hard to believe something like that can just happen without knowing the cause! Glad to hear it is over and the baby is fine!
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    That is terrifying! I am so glad everything is okay. I am completely clueless about these matters but my ultrasound tech at my 8 wk viewing said she could see a small spot of blood in there and not to be surprised or alarmed if I bled some since it had to go somewhere. She said all was good witb baby. I had amother u.s. last week at 13 weeks and the blood was gone and I never bled, but maybe something like that happened in your case. Glad all is well! Good luck!
  • I had an episode of bright red bleeding with my last pregnancy. That baby is now a very happy and healthy 22 month old. Just take it easy, mama!

  • I had some pretty scary bleeding around 13 weeks and lost my mind until I had an ultrasound!  Turned out the placenta is low.  Still spotting almost three weeks later but baby is okay. Someone should really tell us about this, it is definitely scary.  Glad all is good for you and Baby!

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  • Yikes!  So sorry to hear about the fright.  I'm glad all is well.
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  • So sorry about the scare, glad the bleeding has stopped.  Yes it would freak me out too.. I hope all continues wonderfully for you!
  • Oh wow- I would have freaked. I'm so glad everything is ok!
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