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I survived the Tropical Storm!

140 points, highest score for the week, up to 5-6 after a 1-6 start! Still only in 7th place despite being 5-6 due to bad tiebreaks and overall league parity.

I may have to win out to make the playoffs. But I'll just focus on improving to 6-6.
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Re: I survived the Tropical Storm!

  • I am one of the three 5-6 teams and figure that if I win out I should make the playoffs.  I looked today and with the exception of Hurricane Sandy, I have a good chance.
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  • I lost by .6 of a point or sumshit.  You would think AJ Green would have a bigger game against Cleveland than just putting up a paltry 1.2.  

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  • Joe Haden is a beast.  He owned AJ Green in both games against Cincinnati.

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