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Back again - this time twins!

Hello everyone! It has been quite some time since I have spent much time on theBump website, as my son was born 2 1/2 years ago. Last time I was here, it was a pretty standard pregnancy and I guess I was one of the "lucky ones" - no real complications, no bad pregnancy symptoms. Just a smooth, easy pregnancy. Well, I guess someone thought it was too easy because last week I found out I am expecting twins (mo/di)! 

That was the last thing we were expecting to hear, to say the least. I am getting used to the idea and getting more excited each day, but still scared to death. I am sure that is nothing new to this group. Along with the financial and life changing fears come all new worries that I haven't really had before - worries of all new pregnancy complications. I am 10 weeks along - due June 17th. I am 5'1" and 107 lbs. So far no major body changes, just really nauseous this time around and very "crampy". 

I really appreciate everyone here and there support and guidance. I am sure I will be on with lots of questions and reading everyone's updates. Thanks to all for making us not feel so alone in all of this - especially for someone who was so unprepared for "twins" news! 

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  • Welcome!!!!!!
  • Welcome!  Congratulations :)
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  • Welcome and Congrats!! Say goodbye to 107 and hello to 150! haha, just kidding! 

    Very exciting news! 
  • Thank you everyone! 

    And I do want to say, I only mentioned my size because the thought of twins in there scares the heck out of me! I know they will go somewhere, they all do, but I am not quite sure where! :) --- and I guess that leads to a heightened fear of lots of bed rest (I don't like to sit around) --- but I guess I can get over that too, it will happen or it won't, no control over that one. 
  • Congratulations x 2!
    Double the love
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    7/30/12 - B/G twins born at 33w4d due to PPROM
  • Congrats!! Don't worry about any bed rest now. Take care of yourself and those new babies. I'm currently 33 weeks with twins, super healthy and still working-as a middle school teacher, none the less!! Think positive, I'm convinced that is what has kept me active for so much of my pregnancy! :)
  • Welcome & congrats! I started my pregnancy 5'2" and 120lbs. I delivered two healthy babies at 33 weeks. Your body will get comically large by the end.
                         My fraternal twin boys. Born Sept 2013.
  • Congrats and welcome! If it makes you feel better, I'm 4'10" and carried my mo-di boys to 37 weeks. They weighed 6.1 and 6.9 :)
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  • Congrats!  One of the girls in my twin MoMs club (find  your local club if you can), is small like you, delivered her twins between 34 and 35 weeks, and they were bigger than mine delivered at 35w6d by a few ounces each, and had zero NICU time, so it can totally be done!  Don't worry about it unless you have to.  You're body will handle it!  Oh, and I am not small at all!

    Good luck and congrats!

    TTC since May 2006. After 3 failed Clomid cycles, 2 failed Injectibles/IUIs, 2 failed IVFs and 1 failed FET, we moved on to adoption! 


    Last ditch FET resulted in BFP, and identical twin girls!

  • Congrats and welcome! No advice, but I'm sure you will do great!

    Age: 35 TTC since 2005, MFI & DOR 

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    FET #1 Aug 2012  3dt x2 - BFN

    **new RE**

     IVF #4 Jan '13 BFN 11R/6M/6F 5dt x2 - BFN

     IVF #5 July '13 16R/10M/10F 5dt x2 + 1 frostie

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    Twin girls! 3/6/14


  • Hi! I am 13 weeks with mo/di. I totally understand the range of emotions you are feeling! I was shocked and terrified at first but now am so excited (still scary though). I started at 5'1 and 120, so I also get the wonder and concern about where the heck these babies are going to fit! I was so huge at the end of my pregnancy with DD... She came at 40w 5d. There will be nowhere to go but out! :)
  • Congrats! It is totally normal to be nervous w/ a twin pregnancy, but this board is a great reference and source of support! Welcome aboard and wishing you a happy and healthy pregnancy!
  • Congrats! I am 4'11" and 105 lbs. Carried my twins to 36w1d, 5lbs 14 oz and 5 lbs 1 oz. I never had to do bed rest, just took it easy. Good luck!

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    IVF#1 w/ICSI: ER 4/3: 5R,4M,4F
    ET 4/6 All 4 (1-8A+, 2-8A-, 1-3A) BFP#3
    Two weeks of beta hell = Blighted Ovum
    IVF#2 Aug/Sept: ER 8/27: 4R,3M,3F
    ET 8/30 (1-8A+, 1-6A+)
    Beta#1 9/10: 350; Beta#2 9/12: 796; Beta#3 9/20: 9155
    Expecting Boy/Girl Twins! My babies were born 4/23/13 at 36w1d!


  • Congrats and Welcome!


  • I am in awe of all you little ladies carrying to term!!! 
  • Congrats on your 2 little surprises!! I'm currently 26w4d with my mo/di girls who were also quite the surprise at our 16 week gender ultrasound! So I totally know the shocked feeling ;) good luck with your pregnancy!!
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  • Congrats and welcome!
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    IUI #3 &4 - Gonal-F/Ovidrel and IUI -- BFN
    IUI #5 - Gonal-F/Ovidrel and IUI -- BFP!!
    EDD: March 22, 2013
    It's triplets!!

  • Congrats and welcome!


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  • Congrats and Welcome!
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  • I want to thank everyone for their messages of support and sharing their stories! It really is a great source of encouragement to hear from you! Way to go all of you! What amazing women! 
  • Congrats and welcome! We found out we were having mono-di twins at my first sonogram at 10.5 weeks. I was just a little smaller than you when I got pregnant. I didn't have an easy pregnancy at all, my boys came at 34 weeks after 11 weeks of bed rest. I did have them vaginally though, as they were both head down. They are awesome little 1 year olds now with no developmental delays. :)
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  • Hi! I'm also small 4'7" and 110lbs and freaking out about carrying twins.. but hey- we'll get through it!
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    Mom to the Lil Man and the Lil' Lady born at 33wks1day 
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