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If you put rice cereal in bottle...


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  • Starting any sort of food before 6 months you risk food allergies, plus it is not good on their little digestive systems.
  • Holy Goodness!

    People have been doing the rice cereal in bottles for years... every baby is different... every situation is different....
    My daughter is just under 4 months, has trouble with formula, spit up, going to the bathroom, hell even swallowing (due to issues in her mouth) and the introduction of rice cereal has helped.

  • Hmmmm...I breastfeed...if I eat cereal before nursing at night...will she sleep longer? 

    Better question is how to get my 8 month old baby back to sleep, she woke hungry, yep hungry, I fed her while reading this.  I laughed too much while reading this.  Baby wants to know what's so funny.  Maybe I'll find an episode of fresh prince to watch with her. 



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  • It's your life and decision, so I'm not going to attack you.

    I don't believe the rice cereal will help, however, it's not going to harm your baby either.
    I'm sure most of us were brought up on rice cereal and we are here today. We were all also given solids most likely at 2 or 4 weeks.

    I exclusively breastfeed, and our baby's pediatrician suggested we feed baby a little more frequently in the daytime, so he will have a possible longer stretch of sleep at night. He'll nurse every 2 hrs. in the day but sometimes every hour.  And sometimes more frequently if he's having a growth spurt.  Every baby is different but I'd follow your child's cues.  If he easily finishes a bottle, he's hungry. Feed on demand.  My son is 2 months old and he is sleeping for a 
    4 1/2 - 5 hr. stretch at night.  The sleepless nights won't last forever. Good luck.
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  • What a bunch of assholes! Why would anyone ask for advice on this site just to be made fun of? Some people really don't know and this doesn't help them at all. You should. be ashamed of yourselves!
  • "It's been done for decades so it must be okay"

    So lets all ditch our electricity and go back to using outhouses.  THAT was done for decades so MUST be ok.

    Why try to better the human race when people just keep using this stupid line. I'd really like to gather up all these people, send them back in time (far back) and let them live in the past if they have a complete disregard to all that science, research and common sense have to teach us. 




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  • provwife said: EDIT: I wanted to add that not everyone has heard that cereal isn't recommended anymore or that you should wait until 6 months for solids. This is all new suggestions. People have been doing cereal for years and her pedi recommended it, how was she suppose to know that it isn't the best choice if this is all she has heard before? Again, the rudeness was uncalled for.

    @provwife It's new in that it's not what your mom did, but it's not that new. It was the recommendation when DD1 was an infant.
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    He's hungry you say? Maybe he's a steak and potatoes kind of guy..
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  • I don't think she's trying to be lazy, of course she will & does get up to feed her baby! She is simply asking a question, and not for selfish reasons. that's what these forums are for, and there is no reason for other moms to knock her down & mock her. Maybe she hasn't yet done as much research as you. We should be able to offer advise & learn from each other without getting nasty or criticizing. I'm a new mom with a 3 month old. I'm learning that I afraid to ask you ladies anything.
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