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Anyone deliver at Baptist?

If so how was your experience? I'm using dr dobbins and she moved from Yukon over t baptist. Thank the lord, I had my lo a year ago in Yukon and the experience was horrible! I'm hoping baptist is better.

Re: Anyone deliver at Baptist?

  • Meh. Depends on what you're looking for in a birth. I don't recommend them.
  • I'm a FTM here so I don't have any actual delivery experience but I have Dr dobbins as my dr and will be delivering at baptist. I took the tour and it looked good to me. Then a couple weeks ago I had to go in for a NST and ended up needing some other test done due to contractions. The nurse was wonderful and the Dr that was on call that was very nice and professional. Not sure why @Earthboundsoul doesn't like them. So far my experience has been great. @Ambermedcalf have you taken the L&D tour?

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  • It's not that I don't like baptist, I said it depends on what you're looking for. If you want a natural, non-invasive labor and delivery, there are better options. They are trying to change, however. You have to decide for yourself. Personally, I would not go there. But I use midwives and have home births. So like I said, it's all in what you want for your birth.
  • No not yet I need to!!
  • I have had two babies there and I agree that it depends on what kind of birth you are wanting. Natural, med-free birth? no, probably not. The nurse told me that they only see less than 3 women a month that do natural, med free births.Epidural? Induced? yes, it was wonderful. The staff was great, received great breastfeeding support, the baby never left our room (except for circ). The L&D floor had been recently redone too! GL and Congrats! 
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  • I've had both of my pregnancies there the first was natural. They stuck to my birth plan exactly. It's just up to you to tell them what you have planned.
  • I loved baptist. My child had complications and was in the NICU. The doctors were amazing and kept me longer and arranged a room for me to stay in the NICU. My OB is Dr.Houk and I love him!
  • We're using Dr. Houk, too! He is so nice!  This is my first so I can't say much about personal experience but all three of my best friend's babies were delivered at Baptist and she recommends them. She's why I went with them! Two of hers were preemies and they took excellent care of everyone. 

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