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Staying Motivated in the Last Month

My due date is one month from today. We just finished up Bradley classes and Getting things ready. How do you keep up enthusiasm for going med-free? I'm trying to read lots of birth stories and reminding myself of why I want this.
My last birth was an attempted Bradley birth but ended in pitocin and an epi. Everything went well, DD was healthy and recovery went smoothly. So I guess I'm afraid of it happening again. We did not have Bradley classes last time, went to the hospital too early, and some other preventable things.
Any advice would b helpful!

Re: Staying Motivated in the Last Month

  • I did exactly what you are doing.  Our Bradley classes ended when I was @ 35ish weeks.  My H and I got lack about practicing our relaxation techniques after that. I did read lots of positive birth stories and even re-read Ina Mays book during that time.  I also kept telling myself that it would be hard and it would be painful but I could do it.  I honestly think being realistic and positive that last month was a huge help.  GL!

  • Have you read Birthing From Within yet? Go pick it up if you haven't, it's fantastic, and very realistic about what to expect of yourself during birth. It also has some preparation ideas and art projects to do if you are into that:)
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  • I just gave birth med-free yesterday.. You can do it! I'll write up a birth story maybe tomorrow.. But I, like you, had an epi with my first. I was really determined to go drug free this time, and kept telling myself that an epi was not an option and my body could handle labor. This pregnancy I remained active, going on hikes up until the day before I gave birth at 39 weeks, 4 days. My body felt strong and I knew I could handle it this time. I knew to expect pain but not to fear it. It's a natural pain with a purpose..when I was at 8 cm dilated the nurses and my midwife couldn't believe it.. I was handling the contractions like they were nothing. Birthing balls really do help for back labor! Be open to laboring in different positions and rocking through each one. Pushing hurt the worst for me, and for some reason it was impossible for me to relax my legs! That made it more difficult but once I relaxed them the baby was out in a few pushes and all the pain was gone. That moment of pushing him out was an amazing feeling and relief all at once! Ok I kind of went into a long birth story lol but I promise if I could do it, you can. Oh, and everyone kept commenting how alert he was! I can't help but think it's because there weren't any drugs affecting him. I feel absolutely fine today and can't wait to take him home :)
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