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Mother's helpers?

Any suggestions on how much to pay, what to have them do, etc.  I am 35 weeks pregnant with our 3rd and need some help around the house.  Our neighbor mentioned her daughter (11 yo) would be interested in being a mother's helper, I'm just not sure of how this all works...

Re: Mother's helpers?

  • I've never heard of that term other than referring  to drugs back in the 60's. 
    I don't know very many 11 year olds but if I recall I wasn't very detail oriented. What kinds of things where you thinking she could help with?
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  • For the most part they play with the littles so you can get somthing done or just have some time to your self. I guess pay would depend on how long they were over, personally I would think around $5 an hour (based on the fact that you are still there and essentially supervising everything).
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