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What Does CIO Mean To You?

A post on another board got me thinking, does CIO mean the same thing to everyone?  Like for example DS usually cries 5 minutes or less before falling asleep for his naps is that considered CIO to some?  Just curious...

Re: What Does CIO Mean To You?

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    CIO to me is allowing your child to cry him or her self to sleep for an extended period of time. Like, I do not consider Ferber CIO. Leaving your kid to cry for 30 minutes until he's asleep is.

    ETA I do not support Ferber before 6 months though. I don't think Ferber or any amount of actual crying is good for little babies.
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  • CIO to me is 10 minutes of crying or so. But mine rarely needs to do it anymore, since we had sleep trained at 6 months. She will wake up occasionally through the night, cry for 5 minutes, and fall back asleep. That is most definitely NOT CIO in my opinion.
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  • Anytime LO is crying (rather than just whiney fussing) and you let them continue to cry until they go to sleep themselves (whether 5 min or 3 hours) I consider it CIO. 
    I agree with this.

    I was originally passionately opposed to any CIO. After our son's sleep became progressively more dysfunctional to the point that he was up screaming, often inconsolably, 6-10 times per night, we did Ferber at 8 months and it was the best decision ever. My gut response to the phrase "CIO" is still that it's a dirty word, but I'm trying to fix that for myself, because I'm really in no position to judge.
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  • No, my DD does the same thing as your DD. I think that's part of learning to self sooth and she now STTN because I don't run in there the second she fusses. CIO is crying for long periods of times like 20-30 minutes without any intervention. 

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  • No, I would not consider that CIO. I will let my kids cry for a few mins before going to get them -- because they will usually stop and settle down.

    As a mom, I can tell the difference between crying that will lead to sleep and crying that is like, no way they are going to sleep or something is seriously wrong. For the latter, I will go in. For the former, I won't.

    Not going in for the latter is what I call CIO. I don't practice this, but then again, I have two awesome sleepers so never really needed to sleep train.
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