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I hate you, memory foam

I just need to vent about our bed. I know it seems absurd to complain about something that is so expensive, like "Oh, poor YOU."  If it helps, we bought the bed three years ago and financed it over 18 months. It was a major luxury purchase for us, which is why I find it so heartbreaking to say:

I have a king size Tempurpedic Cloud bed that was NOT cheap, and I f*cking hate it since getting pregnant.

As you may know, memory foam beds sort of form a little cocoon around your body. This can be heavenly. It is NOT heavenly for pregnant ladies who have a hard time sleeping as it is, and need to roll over or change positions multiple times a night to stay comfortable. Rolling over in a memory foam bed is difficult when you're not pregnant, when you are, it's impossible. It takes all my effort. I develop body aches from being trapped "in the trench" as I call it, the big hole that my big pregnant body digs for itself as it sinks deeper and deeper into the foam.

It is torture. I tell DH this and he gets pissy, because the bed was so expensive and it's not like we can just get a new one. And DH is pretty needy and loves to snuggle, especially since our sex life is nil lately I would hate to deny him that closeness. We have a guest room with a lovely FIRM queen size mattress, but DH doesn't want to move in there (he's a big dude, I'm a big gal, we're used to the extra space a king size bed allows).

UGH. Just needed to vent. Stupid bed.
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Re: I hate you, memory foam

  • But, but...this makes me sad for you.

    Ok, I don't have a memory foam mattress, though I would love one, but I cannot live without my memory foam pillow.
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  • tiffy1693 said:
    I feel the same!  I was actually talking to DH about trying to sell ours and get a different one that isn't so soft. He literally has to push me to give me a start to get out of bed!  I feel like a whale!  
    Yes. DH says I am like a turtle trapped on its back. He thinks this is hilaaaarious, but it's not so funny when it's 330am, I need to pee for the 400th time that night, and it takes me 2 minutes just to get out of bed. I sit on the toilet and think "maybe I will just go in the guest room" but then I don't because that's where the dog's crate is, and I don't want to wake up the dog and have him start crying to get out of his crate because he's confused there's someone in the room at zero dark thirty.

    And so I force myself back into the bed of doom, and lay there, miserable. Sigh.

    Added bonus: we have one of those bed frames with under-bed drawers, so our bed is very high profile. I actually usually like this, but now I need a step stool to get in and out of bed. A step stool.

    Oh, I hate you, bed.
    TWO Babies in 2014!
    DS #1 Born 01/07/2014, DS #2 Born 12/17/2014



  • I'm the opposite...I love my tempur pedic even more now.  Yes, its harder to move around in...but I cannot sleep in any other bed!!  

    This. We actually just bought a memory foam bed 2 weeks ago and I'm sleeping so much better on it than I did my semi-firm spring mattress bed before! The way the bed molds around the bump cradles it better than a normal bed...so even though it's harder to move positions or get out...it is way more comfortable once I'm actually in a position!

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  • Just a suggestion to try...

    Place a pillow behind you, almost lodged behind your back and butt and then also use one in the front to support your belly and fit between your knees (king sized pillows work best in the front) I find that this really helps me sleep on my side better. Then when I have to roll over I don't need to bring the pillow with me, plus the pillow behind kind of supports turning you over a bit.

    We have a king sized pillow top mattress about 3-4 years old so it's starting to get "people" spots where we lay.

    Hope you find some relief!

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  • I'm the opposite...I love my tempur pedic even more now.  Yes, its harder to move around in...but I cannot sleep in any other bed!!  
    Me too! I cannot sleep without the memory foam. My aches and pains are way less than when I slept on a regular mattress, and I love how the foam acts as a wedge support for my belly. It's great! Haven't slept this good in awhile.
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  • Ugh, i hate mine too. A trick i learned last pregnancy was to tie a scarf or something to the bed post or frame and use it to help pull yourself up n out.
    Ours also has a permanent dip in the middle. We got it in 2007. I know that it has a lifetime warranty for this kind of thing, but i have been using it to convince DH to get a different bed. Too bad someone just told him about the damn warranty. Ugh.
  • Agreed! I have a 4" memory foam topper on our king and I can't turn or roll without serious strain or assistance. Very frustrating!!
    Headed to visit the in laws today and for once I'm looking forward to their firm mattress!!
  • We have a pillow top matress that is semi soft. Since I had a cs, I have slept on the couch for the last three weeks Bc I'm terrified of getting trapped in bed and being unable to get up. DH sort of insisted that I should sleep in our bed at first, he relented after he saw me struggle to even switch sides. If I were you, i would insist on going to the other room to sleep with a firmer matress. Sleep is everything!!!!!

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  • Ugh I hate our mattress that we have and it's only about 3 years old.  It's a pillow top on the firmer side though since that is what DH likes.  But we can't flip it so our mattress with the pillow top and it has the dents in it now from where we lay.  It's too firm for me, I miss our down filled mattress topper.  I want a cocoon of softness and cushion!
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  • OK so I have the same mattress but it's a queen. DH actually got it because I had some fibromyalgia issues and always woke up in pain. Now I haven't slept on any other mattress pregnant but here's my opinion. I'm a stomach sleeper and I think the only reason I can sleep in a half stomach/half side lying position is because of that mattress, it sinks in so there's way less pressure on my belly. When I'm not pregnant it actually bends my back in a very uncomfortable way when I try to sleep on my stomach. So I don't love the mattress in general, but when I'm pregnant I actually think it helps. I'm also a very light sleeper and I can never feel DH move on this mattress- we slept on a normal hotel mattress a few months ago and I felt every time he shifted and woke up every time...so I don't love the tempurpedic but I think it's better than other options. I've never tried to get out of any other bed pregnant so I really don't notice a difference! 

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