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Newborn tops with mitten cuffs

When DS #1 was a newborn, I loved the onesies and one-piece PJs with built-in mitten cuffs to keep him from scratching himself.  We only have a few outfits with built-in mitten cuffs to hand down to DS #2, and I've had a hard time finding new ones.  I bought a couple at Old Navy, but they only had them in the 0-3 size, and I'm really looking for Newborn. 

Anybody had any luck finding these? If so, where?

Re: Newborn tops with mitten cuffs

  • A lot of ours were Carter's.
    Ours, too, but I can't find any on the Carter's website.  We don't have a Carter's store, so I'm headed to BRU this weekend to see if I can find some.
  • I'm not sure for "outfits" but we used the gerber onsies/t-shirts with the fold over and then a sleepsack over it. We used the mittens you can buy too, but I remember them falling off a lot. You can always do the old sock method too :)
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  • Baby gap as well.
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  • Carters
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  • Most of our Carter's NB jammies had cuffs, but I don't think we had any actual outfits with cuffs. I layered Gerber long sleeved onesies under everything.

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  • A year ago, seemed like Gymboree had them
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  • Last weekend Carter's outlet had them for NB size..GL!
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  • Update for anyone interested:  So far, I have found a few from OshKosh, BRU, Children's Place, and Old Navy. But it's very hit-or-miss and almost impossible to tell whether the item has cuffs if you're shopping online because, typically the cuffs are limited to NB or 0-3, and the photo may show a larger size.  Luckily, I have quite a few hand-me-downs from DS #1, so I'm just filling in a few sizes. But I feel like the clothes with built-in cuffs were more readily available a few years ago, especially from Carter's.

    (Of course, I'd ideally like to find cuffs and a zipper style because who really wants to line up those little snaps on the legs at 3:00 am?  What that's another aspect of my needle-in-a-haystack search.)
  • I found some at Target, TJ Maxx, Marshalls, Burlington Coat Factory (the baby depot), Buy Buy Baby, and Sears.
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