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When to walk away

Hello ladies, I am new to this, but my friend told me this would be a good place to start.

Just to give you some background I am 27, own my own home and have a very stable job. BD is 32 has a career, but money for him isn't consistant. I am 12 weeks prego today and have been depressed and confused the whole time. BD doesn't want this baby one day and the next he seems what I will say ok. We have only been together a year and I feel like I am ruining his whole life now. I learned he has a weekend drug habit, confronted him about it and things have just gone downhill from there. We use to have a very healthy sex life, our communication was great and we had fun together. However the fight we got into last left him saying things to me like "I have wanted to break up with you since August" "You need to get an abortion and we will try for kids when it is right" Very conflicting messages.

I have wanted to be a mom forever, I tried for 2 yrs with my ex husband and just happened to get pregnant on my IUD with someone I thought was my world. I don't know if I should keep trying and believe me I do. I take him places so we can relax and not think about the baby, maybe relax enough so he will want to be intimate with me again?! I am told to stop trying to force it, that is has to happen naturally. I think part of his problem is I am more stable/make more money than he is, he doesn't want to give up the drugs because it fills something inside him that I am clearly not and it makes him feel better.

Also why is he coming around everyday if he is so miserable? I have told him if I have to do this on my own I will, I won't keep his child from him, but he doesn't HAVE to be in my life. Yet he still keeps choosing to stay. I don't even know my point, maybe I just needed to rant. All I know is I can't stop crying today and it is making me angry for even being pregnant in the first place. Do you stay with someone who is half in and pray things go back to normal or do you leave so you aren't miserable. Thank you for your time ladies, I just feel so crazy.

Re: When to walk away

  • My advice is, if drugs are involved leave now. My xh was just starting to play around with meth and was an alcaholic when i left him. And i can tell you this once an addiction is involved you CAN NEVER be their whole world until or unless they start the process of recovery because his addiction is his entire world.

    Also, if you want your baby then you should have your baby, im not gonna sugar coat this, being a single mom is rough its hard work, but its totally worth every minute of the hatd work. But it also sounds like your in a position where your able to raise the child by your self.

    And i agree with the people in your life saying not to force it, all you are doing is enabling
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