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Q. for Bumpies in Germany

How much does a typical prenatal visit cost without insurance?

Here, a midwife will typically:
Record your blood pressure and weight
Do urine tests
Check for swelling
Classify any risks
Palpate baby’s position
Listen to the fetal heart

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Re: Q. for Bumpies in Germany

  • Im surprised to read you dont have insurance, im pretty sure its compulsary now?


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  • I suppose a person here temporarily or not following the law for some reason might also need care. I would call some clinics and explain your situation. Maybe they can give you more info or refer you.
  • I'm a Canadian citizen and have insurance in Canada. I am not covered when I am travelling and will need travel insurance to Germany. However my pregnancy is a pre-existing condition and won't be covered while I'm there.

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  • Honestly, I have no clue since I never saw a bill. It goes straight to the insurance and gets paid by them.
    If I were you I would ask a specific doctor. But the bill dhould stillbe supported by state money and therefore shouldnt be too high. I would still assume its 100 to 300 €...
  • alm288 said:
    You actually only get the bills in Germany if you are privately insured - and then the tests generally cost more.

    Do you speak German? Are you familiar with GOÄ - this will test you exactly how much every test, procedure, etc. costs in Germany. I work in clinical research and we use this to estimate the costs for clinical trials (per x-ray, test, exam, procedure, etc.). Here's the link: https://www.e-bis.de/goae/defaultFrame.htm

    I am going to guess 200-300€
    Thank you! My German is not strong enough for this but I have a lab mate who is a native German and can help me out.

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