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Hello, ladies.  I lurk around here a bit, but I am mostly active on the F14 board.  I have been having a lot more local questions lately, so I thought I would do a quick intro here in case I need some insight from "home".  I live 20-ish miles north of Fort Wayne (on the border of Noble/Koskiusko county).  We are expecting baby girl #3 in February.  Most of my activities/work are in Fort Wayne, so I have decided to deliver this baby at Dupont.  My older girls were delivered in Warsaw, so I am treading new territory this time around.  Oh, I should mention my daughters are 11 and 13.  I am literally starting all over (thank goodness for awesome sisters/SIL).

So, hello Hoosier Mammas (mammas to be)!

Re: Quick Intro

  • Welcome!  I live in Warsaw and used to work in Syracuse.  
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  • I spend a lot of time in Syracuse and Warsaw.  My closest town is North Webster (I live in the sticks).
  • Welcome to the board and congratulations on baby #3!  
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