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Ok... I not only feel completely lost trying to date with a child but in general. It's been so long and to be honest I don't think I have ever really "dated". My sons dad and I moved in together after three months of dating. And our dating consisted of seeing eachother practically everyday. I realize dating as an adult does not mean seeing someone everyday or talking to them daily.
Is it unrealistic to expect communication daily? On average how long do people wait before they go from dating to being in a "relationship"?

I have been separated for over a year now. And have been going on a lot of first dates but hadn't until this point met someone I wanted to spend more time with. We have be dating for just over a month. We have no title. And I see that as no commitment to the other person.? He brought up meeting my son and wasn't really sure how to approach it. I don't think I should do any introductions until there is a commitment/title what not. At what points do you bring little one into the picture? It hasn't been an issue because we've only been spending time together while my son is with his dad.
Any insight is appreciated.

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  • I would say wait till he becomes your official bf first and talk things out with him, see if he really wants to be with you and tell him you have a kid already, don't want to fu*k around and want a serious relationship before he meet your LO.

    Before when I was dating my bf  (not BD) without any tittle for 2 months, until we had confirm that we are really serious with each other and planning on having a future together, of course eventually he became my bf. It took me 3 months till I let him met my LO. Coz we are pretty sure that we are in the same page and he likes my DD too. My DD is 5 months old now. 
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  • Just my personal opinion, I don't think you have anything to lose by waiting to introduce him to your child.  I haven't been in your shoes (yet) but I would want to be 100% secure and committed in my relationship before bringing him into the child's world.  Also, you want to make sure you know that person VERY well before introducing them, and a month doesn't seem like a very long time to me. But you have to do what makes you feel comfortable.

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  • I once dated a guy who waited about a year to introduce me to his boys.  That was fine with me and I understood his reasoning...if we didn't work out and he started seeing someone else he didn't want to be parading different women around his kids.  It works both ways, though.  Once you are part of someone else's kids lives it hurts to lose them during a break-up, too.  
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