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Dating....Feeling kind of Hopeless!

I havent been on here in a while but long story short, I have a three year old son who's dad has been on and off drugs since since I was pregnant. I gave him until our sons 1st birhtday and then I asked him to leave. I couldnt take the drinking, the drugs, the emotional roller coaster, moods swings, etc anymore!! 

Anyways, Im single. Im 31.  I work full time. My son doesn't see his dad unless I am around to supervise so I never really have much free time. I am overwhelmed half the time and always on the go so I dont have time to think about.....but sometimes I just get lonely :(

At night, after LO is in bed, its just me, alone all the time. My family lives 1000 miles away. all of my friends are married. The weekends are usually me and my son at the park or something like that, just trying to keep ourselves occupied.  I feel so lonely.

I am, by nature, a super outgoing, social butterfly type person....yet I feel like such a loner.  My workplace is not a place to meet people (I would in a cubicle). I have been going to the sam gym for like 6-7 years and I see the same people over again (none that are dating material...and when I do find someone, I end up finding out they married!!!  This has happend several times!!). I dont really want to meet anyone at the bar (not my first choice anyway).  I dont go to chuch ( maybe I should start). I just feel stuck. I cant afford or eharmony. I dont get much help from my ex so its ME ME ME all the time.  I just need a break, I need something new, I need someone new. I dont want to be alone all the time. Im young, Im healthy, Im fun, I have a great son....I want to share it with someone!

I have never been someone to NEED someone but I am starting to feel like it would be really nice to have someone in my life...I just dont know where to find them.

Just venting, I guess....But comments, suggestions, advice is greatly appreciated!

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Re: Dating....Feeling kind of Hopeless!

  • If you want to try a free online dating site I suggest okcupid. I'm not saying you'll find a winner there but it's a start.

  • Plenty of fish is also free and good way to meet people. Also try going to a new gym, have a girls day, go to the library, a coffee shop.
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  • WLJ2 said:
    If you want to try a free online dating site I suggest okcupid. I'm not saying you'll find a winner there but it's a start.
    This!! I met my bf (not BD) online, he is a really good bf and treating DD like his own daughter.
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