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Suggest a RE in the NOLA Area Please:)

Ive been ttc for nearly a year.. I had an IUI with my gyno that was unmedicated and had no u/s therefore I feel it is time to move on to a specialist/RE.  My husband has low sperm count.  Thank you:)

Re: Suggest a RE in the NOLA Area Please:)

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    Did you find one? I went with Dr. Wells at Audubon Fertility. I am a success story.


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  • I saw Dr. Sartor at the Fertility Institute of New Orleans, and am a success story 2 times over (successful on first attempt each time).  She's the best and really knows her stuff, can't recommend enough!
    10/10: Married; 5/11: Dx: Blocked Fallopian Tube; 7/11: D&C/Hysteroscopy to remove polyp
    IVF #1: 9/11: ER: 12R, 11M, 10F, No Frosties; 5dt: 2 blasts, 1 morula; DD born 6/3/12
    IVF #2: 11/12-12/12: ER: 20R, 20M, 16F, 4 Frosties; 5dt: 3 blasts, DS born 8/9/13
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  • I love Dr. Sartor as well!!! I just got a BFP from a FET on 2/14!! 

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  • I don't have any personal experience with fertility issues, but I've worked with Audubon fertility in the past and they are wonderful.
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