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Refresher: How to insert a GIF

I have noticed a shortage of GIFs recently and I chopped it up to all of us busy moms working off of smart phones and tablets rather than our usual laptops and computers (more GIF friendly) but I thought I would take a moment to possibly explain how to insert a GIF because I figured it could be possible that some people don’t know how to partake in this cherished Bump past time… I will explain the best I can and if you have a secondary process/explanation feel free to include this as well to the thread.

Let’s get this GIF party started!

Warning:   This process is more laptop/tablet friendly. I am not an expert GIF-er on smart phones…

1. Find GIF: You can use a number of sites of your choice. For this example let’s say you use Google Images and you type in “Funny Lazy Kitten GIF”. Find the GIF that you like. Click the picture to get the full image, don’t use the thumbnail.
2. When you find the GIF you love right click on the image. Go to “Properties” (the option on the very bottom).
3. In the middle of the box that pops up is an “Address (URL)” option. It is followed by an "http://" then some text.
4. Select starting at the “http” all the way to the very end of the text, which typically ends in a “.gif” or “.jpeg” or “.aspx”.
5. Right click again on your selection and pick copy (or Control + C for you fancy keyboard users)
6. Go back to The Bump Message Boards, in the dialogue box where you typically type out your message there is an icon on the upper right hand corner… it looks like a small Polaroid picture (i.e. white frame with a teal-ish filled center).  It is also the fourth icon from the right (if you are replying to a message… it is the 5th from the right if you’re starting a new thread), in case your color blind or too young to know what a Polaroid picture looks like ;) Click this.
7. “Enter URL” pops up and in that field is where you paste the GIF address you just copied by either right clicking and hitting paste or Control + V.
8. Hit “Submit”
9. The image should pop up in the text box below… if it doesn’t… don’t worry. Try the same process again (Step #7 & #8). Sometimes just repeating those I can get the GIF to appear.

Questions? Feel free to use this thread for questions or testing your new GIF knowledge.



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