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Huntsville soon to be Mommies

The last post was from a while back. Any currently pregnant ladies living in the Huntsville area? I'm feeling a bit alone out here lol. By the way I'll be 13wks tomorrow.

Re: Huntsville soon to be Mommies

  • I live just in the Madison city line. I'm TTC #1, first cycle this month! :) Congrats!
  • thanks!!!! :-) & good luck! I'll be on the lookout for the positive outcome! :-)
  • I live in Huntsville IM 11 and congrats
  • I live in Harvest. I'm 5 weeks.
  • Meridianville, 21 weeka
  • Huntsville, 8 weeks

    Congrats to you all :)

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  • RiaIRiaI
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    Hville---31 weeks
  • Madison - 20 weeks
  • Madison 14 weeks
  • Hazel Green, 14 weeks
  • I live in the Madison area and I'm 30 weeks with our first.  I just moved here 6 months ago so I understand what it feels like to be all alone.  I have no family or friends down here. 

  • Huntsville and 16wks on Monday

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  • I live in Florence, but I travel daily to Huntsville, Madison and Decatur for my job!

    I am not pregnant yet, but hoping to be soon!

  • Hey ladies! I've lived in Hutnsville for about 3 years now and we've just started TTC-- which is exciting and a little scary. 

    I was on BC for 9 years after an unplanned pregnancy and now that I want my body to cooperate I'm very nervous.

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