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How should I handle this ?

Sooo BD is avoiding going thru the court for child support....
Soo he has been giving me money depositing it into my bank acct.
I assumed it was cash he was putting in there and I decided to check online and he has been writing checks and writes child support on the memo line BUT he is signing the back of the check with my name! Clearly I don't see him to give me the check or deposit myself ! How should I handle this? Can't he get in trouble for signing my name? I'm still pushing to go thru the courts but I'm still waiting for him to be served , they tried going to his house and he was not home, he has quit the job that they had an address for and he won't tell me where he is working now... And I'm not sure if they tried to serve him again.

Re: How should I handle this ?

  • Unless he's working under the table it's pretty easy for them to find out where he's working.  Don't feel bad, though. I applied for child support 7 months ago and still have not had a hearing even tho BD was served and signed the paternity papers.  I've not heard anything from the district attorney's office in months.  I think him signing your name would be a no-no but who knows.  People get away with so much more these days.  Is it any wonder people have no faith in the system?
  • I was told 6-9 months .... And it's only been 3 months since I filed... And yep your right so many ppl get away with a lot. ... Especially BDs!! Good luck to you hopefully you hear something soon.. . I guess I won't say anything to bd and make a big issue out of it since he is paying the money right now ... But will go thru the court when we ever get a hearing
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  • How closely does the signature match yours?  Get a lawyer if you don't already have one and then, on top of child support, you could take him to court for fraud.
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  • I have worked in banking for 10 years and while, yes, technically it is fraudulent that he is signing your name, it is something they will consider petty because he isdepositing money into your account and not withdrawing. Withdrawing funds would obviously be a major no-no. But a bank requires some type of endorsement on the back of the check and while they SHOULD have a stamp there for the types of situations he also could simply write For Deposit Only on the back of the check and still deposit it. Most people don't complain about money being deposited into their account so it's not one of the bank's major concerns. Just let him deposit it and don't be trying to just "get him" for whatever you can. As a side note, be grateful he's even giving you money and NOT only doing it because the courts say so. My daughter was in the NICU for 24 days and has cost me a fortune medically in addition to just the cost of a new baby and he hasn't given me a dime. I only WISH he'd take the time to go to my bank and put a check in my account. Only complain when it's actually worth complaining, not nit picking someone.

  • No signature doesn't match... @ anc9283. I know your right I am nit picking. I guess I'm just still mad and hurt from him I know I have to leave the feelings aside and make the best situation. For my LO.
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