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Fertility prep?


When our girl turns 2 we plan to start trying again for #2. Are any of you doing anything special to prepare one's body for being pregnant? I am taking prenatal vitamins, trying to exercise, and trying to cut down on sugar. I may see a nutritionist for ideas on how to optimize my diet. I am still breastfeeding and I want my body to be really ready.

We had some rooms painted, and I am trying to unclutter some rooms. Any tips or thoughts on prepping for #2?

Re: Fertility prep?

  • Besides what you are doing, not much else! Sounds like you are on top of it.

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  • I agree with the PP about charting...it is nice to have some sort of idea heading in before. You could start temping now you will have a better idea of what your cycle looks like when you want to start trying.

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  • Good idea to chart I get my monthly cycle and see mucus and all that, but not doing temperature yet. Cutting down on sugar is almost an impossible addiction for me, so that may not happen.
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