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Primrose vs Montessori?

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Can anyone tell me the difference between a Primrose school and a Montessori school? Thanks!
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Re: Primrose vs Montessori?

  • Montessori is a method of teaching but my understanding is there is a lot of variety between schools, depending on the people running them & teaching in them, so I am not sure you can make many generalized statements about them on the whole since they're all set up differently, beyond the assumed use of the approach. Montessori schools also sometimes go past kindergarten into older grades.  Around here (not sure how much of the norm this is), the hours of Montessori schools are more like a regular school (e.g. later start time, earlier release time) and I don't know if they always offer before & after care, I would think that stuff again depends on where you are.

    Primrose is a franchise- typically when you go in one it will look practically identical to the others in terms of the general setup, decor, etc. The curriculum is developed at the national level and there are things that all of them must do in terms of that. The individual owners have some flexibility I think in how they run their center/school (e.g. one near us serves bfast, one doesn't, they have different events for fundraisers and things for the kids,etc) but for the most part they are 'supposed' to be following the same guidelines, using the same curriculum & materials, etc based on the national standard.  I don't think any Primrose schools go past Kindergarten.  Most Primrose schools I would think have more of an extended day, 630am-6pm kind of thing.

    Since so much depends on the ones near you, you are better off doing some research to understand their general teaching/curriculum and then going to visit them to see what the ones like you are like and how you feel when you're there- the setup, how the kids seem, what hte teachers are like, what you see the kids doing in the age class your LO is in, etc.  Then you can weigh all the different aspects.

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  • Montessori utilizes a very specific teaching style. It is dircted at teaching concepts to your child based on their strengths and interests. A Primrose school has a set curriculuum that (is supposed to) be use a Kindergarten readiness approach that is very similar to many other private pre-schools.

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