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Lakeway Regional Med Center??? Anyone?

This hopsital is brand new and SO close to my house (<5min.) but I cannot find reviews of anyone that has given birth here. I recently switch to Hill Country OB/GYN Dr. Candace Walker and I fell in LOVE with her at my Preconception checkup/annual exam. When I told her we were going to start trying, she got so excited and giddy with me, it really took the nerves off! I don't think either of us expected I would be back so soon, but here we are - 1st month off BCP and pregnant! I have found tons of great reviews on Hill Country OB/GYN but nothing about giving birth at LRMC.

I am intrigued by ABC esp since they work specifically with my health plan UT Select, but I feel quite comfortable with the choice of staying home as long as possible before going to the hospital since it is SO CLOSE.

 Has anyone done this or know someone who has? TIA!


Re: Lakeway Regional Med Center??? Anyone?

  • I have been wondering the same thing! We just found out we are preggo, due Sept 5, and I am trying to find more statistics on them or what others in the medical industry here in Austin have to say about them. We also live about 5 mins away and I'd love to go there, but will drive farther if needed. Through their site of Dr's I chose Dr. Landwermeyer at Hill Country OBGYN. We meet her 1/16 but her nurse Amy is SO helpful! She got me right in for labs when I wanted to be sure my levels are looking good- she didn't make me feel like I was crazy for asking & then explained it all so well to me.

    I stepped into LRMC and asked for a tour but the girl up in L&D was by herself and could only show me a room. She couldn't tell me off the top of her head how many babies are delivered there a month and what level their NICU was. They do public tours every other Tuesday-the next is 1/7 at 6 PM. Then I believe they'll do a Meet the Docs on Feb 13 with all the teams.

    Have you found any details since you posted this in November? Would love to hear them if so!

    Congrats, btw!
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  • I was wondering the same thing! I am using Hill Country OBG and am across the street from the Lakeway hospital, so it's kind of a no brainier since it's right across the street but I can't find any reviews on it...however driving to Seton SW just doesn't make too much sense to me lol
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  • I've actually read nothing but terrible reviews since posting my above post, BabyCurtiss2014 :(  Mostly about them not having their act together bc they are so new, and one of those reviews was from October. 

    I think we'll be driving the extra minutes to Seton SW...but we are actually halfway between both so it's not that bad. 
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  • My doctor advised against going there even though it's right by my house. He said they just aren't prepared enough to deal with potential challenges. He recommends North Austin Medical because they have an OB/GYN on site 24 hours a day
  • Oh goodness, Lakeway is the closest hospital to me. I will ask my doctor next time I see her how she feels. I am not due until July and dont really want to drive an hour into Austin to deliver. 
  • I know this is a bit old but I delivered at Lakeway. I was a patient with Hill Country OBGYN and was not thrilled with my OBGYN however she wasn't terrible either. At the hospital my nurses were great & it was relatively quiet & spacious which was nice for all of my out of town family. If you're high-risk or possibly have other problems, I may go elsewhere.

    I had a relatively normal pregnancy until the last 3 weeks, and a few days shy of 38 weeks I was induced due to Choleostasis. With that being said, it seemed like my doctor was constantly at Seton Southwest and there was an extreme lack of communication from her to my nurses at Lakeway. Let me reiterate that my nurses were FANTASTIC, they continued to call my OB but I believe the lack of communication was mostly on her part. If you have a great OB this probably won't be much of an issue for you.... 

    In the end, the facilities were very nice, the staff was great, and I had a good experience however it seems like the hospital is usually pretty empty which probably means there aren't OBGYNs readily available- I may be wrong since I had a baby on Labor Day but from another person's comment, this seems to be the norm. It's unfortunate because this hospital would be a great asset if only they would make the right steps to ensure their success.

  • Hi ladies! I am a new mom with an infant (5 weeks) and also live <5 min away from LRMC. In addition, I will be starting a Nurse Abeathesia (CRNA) job there in October. If I could help out gaining more information about the OBGYN groups and recent experiences with labor/delivery, I can help solve some issues when I start work. As a local resident, new mom, and new to the job, I will make every effort to make the experiences of having a baby and getting quality care exceptional at LRMC. After reading this blog, I can sense there is some hesitation and questions regarding having a baby here. I hope to bridge these concerns and help make this hospital a place where the West Austin mommies want to have their babies. LRMC is a new hospital and being new, there are always kinks that need to be ironed it. I hope to help!
    In the meantime, since I am a new mommy myself, is there ain't group in the area? I registered on the meetup site for bee cave/ lakeway mamas, but haven't seen anything posted yet. I know it's summer and moms/dads are busy getting things prepared for the school year. If anyone wants to meet for a stroller stride or at Starbucks, I am available. My name is Katherine Ford and my number is 310-699-9983. I am new to the area and want to make mommy friends! Thanks!
  • Update here...
    I had my LO at LRMC on August 5th and had an amazing experience, the doctors at Hill County OBGYN were great throughout my pregnany. We toured the L&D before hand and liked everything.
    My nurses were wonderful and very attentive. The room was amazing and clean and spacious. 
    My one and only possible complaint is that one of the pediatric nurses that came in to check my son throughout the night seemed very judgy and rude. She just didnt have a good bedside manner and kept telling me what I NEEDED to do. I am a FTM and was learning and it just wasnt helpful but otherwise, amazing hospital and experience!
  • This last post is very reassuring!  I'm a patient of Dr. Walker's with Hill Country OBGYN as well - I love her to pieces - she's really fantastic.  I had met with another dr in the same practice who I didn't gel with at all (I mean, at. all.) and I'm so glad I gave Dr. Walker a try.  The Lakeway facility is closest to where we live and I figured I'd just deliver there no question.  I'm happy to hear about a good experience there.  :)  
  • I've heard good things about Lakeway medical... its so close to me, so I plan to deliver there (due in Jan). My 2cents are: be flexible, nothing/ no one is perfect, but the nurses will do their best to meet your needs, if you're in anyway dissatisfied communicate that right away and I'm sure you will find someone who will try to make it better. You are your best advocate, speak up if you have concerns... also, take a tour in advance, may help reduce anxiety of the unknown.
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