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How are things on the adoption front? Thinking of you both and hoping the process is going as smoothly as can be!
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Re: Gidge & Stacy

  • Our homestudy was approved a couple weeks ago and we finally got our ap[plication to the agency in today.  We'll have some additional documentation we need to get them and then I think we'll get the outline for what we need to get our profile started.

    How are you doing?
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  • Our dossier is over in Moldova waiting to be registered. It arrived on 9/5/13. We have no idea how long the wait will be. They have yet to complete an adoption this year since implementing the new Hague rules in February. We have heard rumors that on trip one we will now be required to stay 30 days. Hoping that isn't true because that would be so expensive and I hate to leave Sadie for that long. Trip two should be 10 days or so. Praying we get to travel sometime in 2014.

    Gidge, hope you have a short wait once your profile is done.
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  • Good luck ladies!
  • Stacey, that visit would be so long! I can't even imagine what a strain it would add to an already stressful situation :(
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