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I'm a teacher and at my school we give everyone who's pregnant or getting married a small shower.  This policy was already in place when I got here.  This year I am in charge of co-hosting all showers with another teacher.  Our counselor is pregnant with her fifth child and she just had a baby last December.  Yes, I know, a shower for baby number 5 is frowned upon, but it's not my choice.  It's just the way they've always done things here and I'm not allowed to change it.

Ok, if you can get past the fifth shower part, I would like some help.  I'll be purchasing most of the gifts.  I'm guessing I'll have about a $50 budget. Any ideas for gifts I could get her?  She obviously has a ton of baby stuff already.  Maybe something to pamper her?  TIA.

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  • Prenatal massage depending on how much that goes for in your area

     - diapers are really not very fun to buy but I'm sure they would help.

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  • Diapers and wipes
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  • I agree with a PP about maybe something special for MTB, like a massage or pedicure gift card or something. You can never go wrong with diapers and wipes either.
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  • Either massage or just a Target gift card. I don't like diapers and wipes so much because you never know what brand she'll end up using.
  • I would get a gift card for a mani/pedi, a prenatal massage, a gift card for a dinner out, a gift card for a local catering place that will bring a few meals to her home after the baby is born, diapers, wipes, a picture frame for the ultrasound photo, a baby book.
  • Wow, 5th kid!  As others suggested, I'd get something for her.  After pushing out 5, I would definitely want something for me!
  • When I get a baby gift for a second or subsequent child, I like to get something that is a keepsake that will be individual for that child.  You could get a piggy bank for the baby, with a bit of money in it to start out baby's savings account.

    Similarly, if you know this baby's sex or the baby's initials, you could get personalized stuff that's for the baby: picture frames, towel, blanket, etc.

    Also, I'm sure she has tons of baby clothes, but every mom I know still liked to have one or two special outfits just for the new baby. 
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