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Recommend your high chair

I need some advise on high chairs. Tell me what you like/dislike about your high chair. What you wished you'd thought of in purchasing it.

Re: Recommend your high chair

  • I've bought 2 high chairs with this baby. I started out with the Chicco Polly and we ended up HATING it. The tray is too big for self feeding, it's difficult to clean, it's huge. I just hated it. We did BLW and it was the worst thing to clean. I would never get a high chair with thick padding ever again. We ended up selling it and getting the high chair we really wanted. So now we use the Boon Flair. It's great. It's hose off completely type cleaning, no weird cracks and padding for food to get lost in, a nice baby sized tray for easy self feeding, and a pneumonic lift for easy ups and down for different surfaces. I love it. For the ultra cheap and amazing high chair though I'd get the high chair from Ikea. We have these at my grandma's house.
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  • We have the IKEA one and it is super easy to clean, which is the #1 issue for me. Like PP, we do BLW and DS makes a huge mess at each meal... He smears his hands all over, so I can't imagine having a chair with any cracks or crevices, or any sort of padding.  The price tag is great too.

    If I have to complain about the IKEA chair, I can only think of 1 thing.  It is lightweight, so when DS kicks his legs, he can actually inchworm the chair forward (we have hardwood floors). It's not a big deal, but if we leave his chair to close to the dining table and if we leave anything close to the table edge, DS can inch his way to the table and grab hold of whatever item is on the table.  It is really a minor quibble since I'm rarely that far away from DS. 
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  • We have the Graco Blossom from our first son.  It's big but it's great if you're planning on more than one kid.  There's a separate booster seat so you can use it for two kids at the same time.
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  • We have this Graco one. I like it b/c the removable tray is easy to clean, the padding is great for when they are little and first learning to sit. Now I just use the padding on the back as the seat gets too gross.
  • Fisher Price Space Saver - super easy to clean and attaches to a chair so it doesn't take up much extra room. We've even taken ours to restaurants bc it's so easy to transport. It converts to a booster seat too. 
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  • I also have a boon flair. So easy to clean- we literally just wipe down with a paper towel. Both my mom and MIL think it's amazing too.
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  • I have the first years deluxe reclining feeding seat ($40). It attaches on top of a regular dining chair. It's great. It has 5 recline positions so you can put a newborn in it to join you at the table. The fabric wipes off super easy but with BLW we took it off altogether and put DD directly on the plastic chair. The chair itself is very easy to clean. My only issue with it is the straps aren't wipe-able, they get gross really quickly and I have to take them off and throw them in the washer once a week. Overall I love it and would buy it again.
  • We have the Graco Blossom 4 in 1 and LOVE it. It's easy to clean, on wheels so I can maneuver him around when I'm cooking and feeding him and grows all the way through booster with enough padding he was in it super young reclined. My DH and I agree one of the best investments we made.
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  • We have the Evenflo Modern and I'm really happy with it. I don't understand why most high chairs have fabric seats--I love being able to easily wipe the seat down. The tray is also very easy to maneuver one handed, which is key.

    At my parents' house we have the Fisher Price Healthy Care which is an amazing bang for your buck and even more wipe-down-able than the Evenflo. I like the larger tray on our main chair, but if I were on a budget, I'd be perfectly happy with this little guy.

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  • We have the Tripp Trapp chair.  It's expensive, but built to last.  Baby sits at the table from the beginning and could potentially sit in it until college (I think it holds up to 250lbs).  
  • we have a chico highchair and I like it.  However, we recently bought a Phil & Teds lobster and absolutely love it.  It takes up zero room, it attaches to the table and is portable.


  • tortuga47 said:
    We have the Graco Blossom 4 in 1 and LOVE it. It's easy to clean, on wheels so I can maneuver him around when I'm cooking and feeding him and grows all the way through booster with enough padding he was in it super young reclined. My DH and I agree one of the best investments we made.
    this. we have the same chair, and feel the exact same way:)
  • We have the Stokke Tripp Trapp and love it!  LOs who can sit up can use it.  But it adjusts and the child can sit in it up until adulthood.  You have to buy the tray and baby set separately, but it comes with a harness and if you don't want the tray you can push it up to a table and LO is right at table height.  
  • I was gifted a Graco one and it works great for DD. I just finished up a pediatric feeding therapy course last week for work and the ones that were recommended by the presenter for the overall posture/stability that it provided were the Fisher Price Space Saver and the Keekaroo high chairs. 

    I'm tempted to sell the Graco one and get a space saver - simply to minimize the space the chair uses. But it honestly works fine for DD. I do have to wash the padded cover all the time - so most of the time I just plop her in without it so I can just wipe up when we're done with meals.


  • I have the Graco Bloosom and don't really like it. The tray is really hard to take off. The padding is not machine washable. Why in the world they would put that padding on boggles my mind. I just don't really care for it.

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