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I'm due with our first baby in February, so my husband and I are starting to look into pediatricians. We live in the Cranberry/Seven Fields area, and so far I've narrowed our selection down to Pediatric Alliance in Cranberry, Dr. Howard Scott in Seven Fields, and Dr. Scott Serbin who is based in Sewickley but has a concierge service so all visits are done at our home. We haven't met with anyone (we plan to do so in the next few weeks), but I wanted to see if anyone has experience with these doctors or suggestions for other pediatricians. It is very important to us that whoever we see is open to and supportive of an alternative vaccine schedule. Thanks for your help!

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  • We take our LO to the pediatric alliance. I love that they have phone time 5 days a week where you can call with questions (for free), two IBC lactation specializing dr's and have always been kind to us. I can't speak to the alternative vaccine achedule but 2 months in am happy so far.
  • I take DS to Dr. Kovach at Pediatric Alliance Arcadia Division.  It's a bit south of you, but might be worth looking into.

    We love Dr. Kovach because he's pretty laid back and very pro-breastfeeding.  We vaccinate on schedule, but I have heard from others that he's open to alternative vaccine schedules.



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  • Thanks for the recommendations. We met with a doctor at Pediatric Alliance-Northland in Cranberry and were REALLY impressed. Haven't made a final decision yet, but I think we might go with them. @allyerrn, I looked into Kids Plus, but I've heard they're not very supportive when it comes to alternative vaccine schedules. They even state on their website that they will request that you find another practice if you refuse any vaccines. We aren't necessarily going that route, but I don't like the idea of not being able to have a say in the health and care of my own child. Thanks for the suggestion though! 
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