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Prenatal classes near West Babylon

Hello all my name is Roxanna, i am 20 weeks pregnant and i live in west babylon, i'm normally in my birth month club, but now that i'm half way through my pregnancy i'm starting to research all these things. 

Does anyone have any recommendations for prenatal classes on saturday and sundays out here. I work in manhattan m - f and i'm away from home 7am to 7pm everyday. my OB office (also in manhattan) offers prenatal classes but i'm so exhausted by end of day i just wanna hop on the train and come home.

My DH also works out here in LI so it's more convenient to try and find classes out here. TIA for all your help!!
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Re: Prenatal classes near West Babylon

  • I actually just posted a discussion about the same thing! I've been looking like crazy for prenatal yoga classes, but every place I call says that although they advertise that they have classes, they actually don't (due to poor class size). Hopefully something turns up soon!
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