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Fighting Naps

My DS will be one tomorrow. He's never taken more than one nap a day (except when teeny tiny). For the last few months he's been fighting his nap more times than not. The last month has been nearly impossible. We'll leave him in crib an hour in hopes he'll give in, but no. He just cries the whole time. I don't know if it's his age or the fact that so much has changed. In the last two months we've moved, brought home baby #2 (she's 5weeks now), and he's getting two new teeth. Any advice?!
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Re: Fighting Naps

  • jwebb0512jwebb0512 member
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    Unfortunately, I have no advice to offer, but I'll be following. I'm in the same boat. DS is 10 months and I've had a terrible time with naps lately. If I put him in his crib I can set my watch to 30 minutes and he'll be awake. That is after he's screamed his face off for 30 minutes, of course. He naps twice a day. The only thing I've found that works is if I hold him. I know you can't do that in your situation and I'm not because I want him to sleep in his crib. I've tried a noise machine, which doesn't help. I've tried staying in his room and rubbing his back and pick up, put down, but he just sits and stares at me while screaming and throwing a fit, which do no good. I feel for you and hope you figure it out soon!
  • My son has never taken naps in his crib.  Not for lack of my trying.  He would nap in his swing when he was small or fall asleep nursing and sometimes I'd get away with laying him down near me, usually I had to stay put.  Now he is almost 1 and the only way he naps is in his doorway jumper.  He bounces until he is sleepy and lays his head on his arm to sleep.  Doesn't look that terribly comfortable, but hey- I'm sane and he's well rested.  Since we discovered the bouncing naps he takes 2-3 a day and sometimes they last over an hour.  SOOOOO much better than a grumpy baby and in 10 weeks he will be a big bro, so anything that lets mommy take a rest too is awesome.
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