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1 person did not send ornament, what to do?

Mrs.HoneyBunny did not receive her ornament, I believe she is the only one.  I have emailed the person who was supposed to send it and she hasn't responded to me  Should I call her out here by her nestie name or just keep it private.  And if its you, you know who you are so please email me and let me know what happened. 
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Re: 1 person did not send ornament, what to do?

  • That sucks. There is always one isn't there? This is why I did not join this year - life has been so hectic that I did not want to leave anyone hanging.

    I hope the Nestie has a genuine reason for not sending it.

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  • Ouch, thats messed up. I would call them out, thats only because I'm nosey and want to know who it is : )
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  • Lauren is a trouble maker!

    I would try to be more subtle for a little longer, things are crazy hectic now for everyone.   But evenutally, you can satisfy Lauren's curiosity! :)

  • call 'em out....i am curious too..
  • I say let's give that person the benefit of the doubt....hopefully she has a good reason why she hasn't been able to send her ornament. On the other hand I do too want to know who it was. Ummm...what to do.....
  • LOL I'm with Lauren call em out! LOL I think its rude. Sorry don't participate if you can't possibly meet the deadline. We always have someone that does this and to me that's just RUDE!!!!
  • Is the nestie still participating in regular nest stuff and posting?  If she's behaving as normal like nothing happened and ignoring you completely, call her out.  If she's not on here and she's not responding to you, maybe something happened.  If that's the case I'd be a little more patient.  It does suck though.
  • Ditto What Dawn had said. I'd give it a day or two now that she knows you've told us (assuming she's lurking or even posting) and if still no response, call her out.
  • agree with Dawn, but I'm nosey too!

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  • Oh thats just rude.  I hope the nestie has a good excuse.  I'd wait a few days before saying who it is.
  • I'd leave it alone.  Honestly, people, it's just an ornament.  And things do get lost in the mail.  I'd give the person the benefit of the doubt and forget about it.


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