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Bradley method - Poway (inland N county)

I have been using this forum for a while (Recently re downloaded). I contribute on a regular basis. If nobody minds I want to let ppl know when I'm holding my Bradley birth classes. It's basically 1 post every 3 months. My next class starts Nov 7th.

Re: Bradley method - Poway (inland N county)

  • I don't live in your area, but I was hoping I could ask you a question since you are a Bradley instructor.  I am considering taking Bradley Method classes, because I *think* I would like to do a natural birth (I"m a first time mom). But, I have to be honest...I'm nervous/scared/unsure still about the whole idea of natural childbirth, even though I'd like to learn more. I guess my question is, if I go to Bradley classes, are they going to assume I'm completely sure about having a natural childbirth? Will they understand that I don't fully know what I want yet and be ok with that?  Or, should I look into a different type of classes?  I hope this makes sense...
  • I have someone in my class who isn't 100% sure too. Above all Bradley Method teaches healthy mother, healthy baby. The best way to achieve that is to be an informed person about the birth process and knowing the pros/cons to each particular medical intervention.
    For me the though of an epidural felt way more scary for me because I wouldn't be able to move my body and some women don't feel their chest either. Natural birth was what I chose to avoid that. To be honest it was scary at times but I made it through an let me tell you...I feel like I can handle anything now. The whole "it empowers you as a woman" saying is totally true even though that's not why I initially chose it. I would give birth naturally 100 x again(unless medical intervention becomes necessary).
    I highly recommend Bradley even if you're just considering natural.
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  • Ok great!  Thanks, that information really helps.
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