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Christmas again

SO last night I thought of a GREAT idea for people who keep asking us what we want.  I want homemade frozen casseroles/crock pot frozen meals! When the babies get here it would be SO nice to not have to worry about cooking food!!

Just throwing it out there if anyone else is stuck like I was yesterday.
1st FET 2/14/2013 Happy Valentines Day! - BFN
2nd FET 6/14/2013
- BPF!!! -
1st Beta:
1046!!!!! - 2nd Beta: 2754!!!!!
First u/s 7/11/2013 - TWINS!!! 120 and 124 heartbeats <3
Second u/s
7/29/2013 - wiggley babies! 178 and 184 heartbeats!
Third u/s
9/9/2013 - 157 and 161 heartbeats ... a BOY and a GIRL!!!! Cervix on the "shorter side" (3-3.3) - going to check again in 2 weeks.
Fourth u/s 9/23/2013 - Baby A = 157 Baby B = 150 heartbeat. Cervix now 2.3-2.6 ... being referred to a MFM
MFM Appointment 9/26/2013 = Both babies healthy, cervix now measuring at 4 - Playing tricks on me ... will follow up in 2 weeks.
Cervical check 10/7 with regular OB - 2.1cm  --- going BACK to the MFM armed with ultrasound pictures from my OB of my cervix. *sigh*
MFM Appointment 10/8 - confirmed my cervix at 2.1cm - putting me on Progesterone for a week.
MFM Appointment 10/17 - Cervix unchanged! Keeping me on Progesterone - followup 10/29

  photo e8294769.jpgphoto 3a44b450.jpg

Everett Alan James (3lbs8oz) and Eliana Lee (3lbs7oz) born 12/28/13 at 30w6d!
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