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Legit ped suggestion? multivitamin

We just came from my son's two week ped appointment and she suggested I give him a multivitamin because it has some things that breast milk doesn't have in high supply, like iron and vitamin a for example. it's one drop a day. I've never heard of giving babies vitamin drops. does anyone do this our was anyone given the same advice? it's an OTC. thanks for your feedback

Re: Legit ped suggestion? multivitamin

  • At 2w we started DD on vitamin D drops (she was also EBF) because our ped said since most people are deficient in vitamin D she probably wouldn't get enough via breast milk. We did not start a multivitamin until later, I think it was around 6mo.
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  • My pedi said to start vitamin D drops at 2 wks. But said if I wanted I could do a multi vitamin drop and that would cover the vit D.
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  • You might want to research that a little more before you decide, here's a good place to start:

    During the winter months we do the Carlson's Baby D drops, but we have never given any other form of vitamin.
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  • My DD was started on a multivitamin with iron due to severe anemia. She's still somewhat low so they recommend that we continue her on it. It's enfamil brand and we just give her 1ml per day in a bottle.
  • My little one is getting multivitamin and vit D from me. I am using Isotonix vitamins-they drinkable, so you will get 90% absorption. Have been using them during my pregnancy as well and always had great test results. Here is more info if needed - http://www.shop.com/Isotonix+reg+Multivitamin+with+Iron-826250911-p+.xhtml
  • As soon as my boys were released from the nicu they were prescribed polyvisol (multivitamin plus iron).
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  • Yup, it's recommended to give Vit D
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  • I asked pedi about vitamin D specifically. He said breast milk has everything baby needs and it wasn't needed. I'm still doing my own research.
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  • We give LO Vitamin D daily (did the same with DS1). I'm not positive, but I believe that BF babies are fine for iron until six months.
  • Our pedi says to give Tri-Vi-Sol.
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